Web Design & development

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Web design and development is our core business, which we are trying to work on the best possible way because the objective we have are satisfied customers.
It also is in our interest that each site is designed the best possible because we want to proudly present our work in our portfolio.
No matter what we follow current trends in design always try to make all our work we give a dose of uniqueness and originality.
We try to the best way to blend functionality and ease with attractive appearance which will keep the attention of website visitor.
Responsive design which is adapted to viewing the site with all devices from small phones to large monitors is our mandatory standard which do not charge extra.
It is best to contact us and describe your requirements and present the budget at its disposal and that on this basis we suggest you a site that is in it fits.
Our prices adjusted our market because we understand that small entrepreneurs who are our most frequent customers are often not in the financial opportunities for large investments in marketing so that our knowledge, time and effort is charged according to the time and country in which we live.
Indicative prices you can see by clicking on the button below:

SEO optimization

No matter how good impression left on visitors site can not be considered good if it is poorly ranked in search results. At the sites that we make basic SEO optimization is included in the price. Under Main adjusted mean H, META, ALT and TITLE tags and indexing the Google map and adding to our Google webmaster panel. For sites that we are not made or for some demanding SEO techniques please feel free to contact us because for this kind of work it is difficult to determine the costs without a concrete explanation. Often, customers have to be on the first page or first position in Google search offering for a certain amount. Immediately to draw attention to is impossible to guarantee any particular position on Google or any other search engine regardless of good optimization. How to be on the first page of Google depends on many other factors, among which the most important is how strong the competition for the desired keywords and good content which will attract and retain new visitors. Good SEO is the only prerequisite for a good ranking and if you let the advertising agency that's doing it promises a certain position and around the whole of this work real science, you know you are a good chance to be ordinary sellers fog.

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Copywriting and content marketing

Pisanje texta za web

In order to keep the attention of visitors web presentation to him to provide the necessary information and to the visitor stated on the action required and the quality and legible on text content. Not only that, in this on text content is necessary at a certain level density fit the keywords and phrases to time SEO ranking site anything better. This means that on text content site here both for the visitor web presentation and because Google and other Internet search engines. Most of our customers which is defined for our web design and development guidelines formulated a text itself and we based this my written content and images that our client deliver "tailor" design in which the site will be the content and other segments of the site a good fit. If you write text, It is best to treat any text from a foreign site on the same topic by adding a data relevant to your business. You save a lot of time and money because you will not have to hire a professional songwriter. If however you want to hire a professional to do it for you, contact us, we will be happy and that part of the work done in agreement with you. For copywriting is difficult to determine the price list because it depends on too many factors so it would only talk with you able to determine the cost, depending on your wants and needs.

Marketing and Social Networks

Setting up your web site on the Internet can be considered the greatest marketing step for your business. But for "aggressive" acquisition of new users of your services or buyers of your goods regardless of good SEO optimize your site often are necessary marketing campaigns.

    Our specialty is digital marketing which is done via several digital channels:
  • social networks: facebook, instagram, twitter
  • email campaigns
  • adwords google campaigns
  • blog posts, content marketing

    • In each of these variants work consists of several major phases:
  • Research of market and competition
  • Targeting of potencial customers
  • Creating of a adequate content
  • Placing
  • email Marketing

    Photo & Video editing

    adobe photoshop & illustrator

    A picture is worth a thousand words! A video is probably even more. In addition to information on the web site are necessary and visual presentation, such as pictures or videos that unless they are set by the design most important for a beautiful look of the site are important and often because through them the relevant information can be faster and easier to get through to web site visitors. In most cases the clients themselves photographed images that they want me to be on the site or download them from the Internet. However in some cases it is better to hire professionals in order to better quality images or recordings custom responsive web design. Often it is necessary and processing of images or video in advertising material for the needs of digital marketing. Because of this, we use the best programs for image processing and video pout Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Inscape, Adobe Premier and Sonny Vegas and for making logos and your company using Adobe Illustrator. As for the shooting or camera cooperate with professionals who are familiar with the specifics of photo / video material as is required for the Web. And that's not all. Through us you can realize even capture drone if you have such a site that you might need and aerial imagery. In addition to the appearance image processing so as to be optimized in order to open faster on all devices when accessing the site and to be kompitabilne in various sliders and galleries.

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